IRON MAN does not have to do anything with ARC or SWIFT or APPLE.

Memory management in Swift? ARC?

I am not criticising Swift, in-fact it’s a great language, but the point is that new developers who were pushed by our industry to learn just Swift, rarely know anything about memory management, the only thing they would talk about is[weak self].

Is this the only thing that Swift exposes to us?.

Almost everybody who migrated from Objective-C knows about memory management a few of these developers know more and have struggled through migrating their apps from MRC to ARC.

Well, I am not going…

It is sometimes difficult to cope-up with the ever-growing and ever changing industry and IT is the industry that brings different ideas, tools, tech and fun stuffs in the hands of all kinds of people, working for an IT industry or not.

Programming is something which is sometimes under estimated and definitely over judged at a few ocassions, but it is fun working in this environment which is not very different from any other work places. Like other places we have people who speak all kinds of languages (we don’t speak Java, Swift, C by-the-way), because of this internet era…

A guide for code commenting in Swift, the best practices and what I prefer.

I have been working on Swift for few years now and have interacted with almost all kinds of clients, some really technical and some pseudo but almost all of them debated about commented code vs non-commented code. We will not debate about that here because there are situations when comments work and situation when they don’t. It’s a important that you know how to add proper comments in your codebase even if you are following the no-comment approach in your code.

Reasons why developers keep distance for comments?

  1. They are of kind “I…

When I first encountered inout parameters, I did not think it would be as easy as breathing air (like you do it and you don’t even notice it.)

You can place inout just before argument type in a function and you have implemented it, let’s understand some basics and why we use inout. finally will see a working example.

Background of swift functions

We know Swift functions are easy to write and call, but there is one more thing to it, every argument that we pass through a swift functions tends to be a constant. I can prove it to you. …

Product Flavor iOS

Build variants/product flavors are nothing but different versions of your app that you may release to the different user-base. But where to use it?
It may be the case that you are using different back-office URLs, separate app icons and other stuffs for all your builds and you have to maintain separate projects or maybe commenting stuff and release to all your users. What if we can achieve all of this and more in just single code/project and still be able to deliver m ultiple builds.

‘Product flavors’ is basically a terminology introduced by GOOGLE for Android apps, since Android…

I hope it was that easy when I first googled the term functional programming or FP for short. I struggled across various articles and blogs to understand FP and, I am still learning how it works by using it every day in my code.

Before we understand functional programming lets see how non-functional programming works.

I know many readers might skip this section, thinking they know what is non-functional programming as they wake up in the morning go to their offices sit in their chair and stare at the face of it.

But If you care to read it, I’ll…

Siddharth Paneri

iOS Applications expert with strong skills in design, architecture, UX standards, and DevOps for Mobile. Product ideology!

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